Monday, November 28, 2011


So what kind of trip do you plan for cultural involvement if you are the Spanish teacher of a Christian School? Usually you load the van and take the kids out for a great lunch at the local Mexican restaurant, or you can after much prayer; and I mean much prayer. Have the bright idea to take your class on a mission trip to a developing nation whose language is EspaƱol.

A year ago we had the great opportunity to have Marina Calderon speak at one of our school Chapels. For many years our school has helped raise money for Marina’s Christmas projects. Marina raises funds to buy Christmas gifts for children in Honduras; for many of these children that will be the only present they receive at Christmas.

After many years of praying that God would give me the opportunity to take a group of my students back to the country where I served with my parents as a missionary, God opened the door and now we are at eleven days from leaving Alabama, heading to Honduras. To server alongside Marina Calderon!

We hope you will keep up with us through our blog; we will post pictures, prayer request, fun stories from the days of ministry, and maybe even our favorite Spanish word for the day.

As you seek God, lift us up in prayer.

Prayer Request:
Parents of the kids going
Health of the group members
Traveling mercies
That our hearts will be opened to the great opportunities God has for us.

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