Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 4

Day 4, Tuesday
     Today we got off to a slow start. The girls were dragging just a bit; we rode for a long time and then made it to the first stop of the day. At the first church we were received with such happiness we had one little girl that laughed and pointed at the puppets and when we would take a break between segments she would call them out.
     The second stop we had a great time we saw a little blond Honduran JJ pick her to be her buddy during one of the songs, at this show the wind was blowing so hard that Will, and Mrs. Marilyn had to hold the stage to keep it from blowing away, Don Caleb brought an object lesson that will keep the children thinking of what reminds us of God in our daily life.
     The last stop of the day was so much fun we meet Donnah was a sassy five year old, we introduce ourselves and she let us know if she thought our name was pretty or not, Destiny and Caleb, got a bonito from her; Marilyn got a feito(not to bad), Willito, Mary’l, and JJ got a feo. We had a great time. Things will be slowing down in the next two days, this time has been fun filled with new experiences! We can’t wait to be able to share pictures and great stories from our time here in Honduras.

Word of the day: Olla (Pot…I mean cooking pot)

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