Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good Shepherd Home.

Day 5, Wednesday

Today was our last day of ministry; it began with a visit to a new work! The house where we had the service was small and still under construction. They had no power so we had to sing without music and for the puppet show we had Mrs. Marilyn and Marina read the script.

     The second stop of the day was perhaps our favorite of the whole trip; we were welcomed by the smiling faces of the children of The Good Shepherd Children’s Home. As soon as we got off the bus a little boy Christian took Ryan by the hand and disappeared; Will was asked to stop playing soccer after he intercepted a pass and litterally hand dribbled the ball to the goal. Mary’l, Destiny, and Jessica played kick ball, in a skirt...the game was Destiny's best game in her life! Mrs. Marilyn was showing the children her pictures on her phone and was asked by a little boy if she had any children of her own and when she said no he let her know that he was great at English and that he would be a good boy to have. At the end of our time there we did not want to go I think some of us cried, others passed out pictures; we now have left part of our heart at the children’s home.

     The last stop of the day was a new church I think all the kids from the village come out to receive a Christmas present we had enough for all to go home with a great big smile and a wonderful Christmas gift.

     Tomorrow we will go shopping, hopefully we will find some beautiful things to bring home to our families????

Word of the day: Buso/wet suit not to be confused with Bus/Bus

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